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Chandler Bay Resources, owned by Jeri Stevens PhD, LCPC, CCS  is dedicated to providing quality education for professionals. We offer Ethics and Clinical Supervision training for mental health counselors as well as stress resilience and self care training and coaching for educators, corporations and individuals in the workplace.

The Origin of the Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience

For over eight years, Jeri Stevens, PhD, LCPC, Carol Jollotta LCSW, and Nancy Martin CWC worked together providing health and wellness support to thousands of individuals in the workplace. Stress was identified as the most common barrier to achieving wellness goals such as weight loss, lowering health risks and remaining consistent with changing behaviors.

As groups and individuals reported high levels of stress, they also shared issues of sleep deprivation, a sedentary lifestyle and perceived themselves as being tied to their desks.  They described emotional eating and critical disempowering self-talk which often led to social isolation. This vicious cycle of self-deprecating thoughts and unhealthy habits simply fed their stress levels which over time became a chronic condition and contributed to weight gain, illness and increased health care costs.

In pursuit of understanding barriers to wellness, Jeri, Carol & Nancy analyzed stress research and compared data from their 80+ years of collective experience in the health and wellness field.  They have attended extensive stress, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness trainings gaining the knowledge of most current data and practices. Recognizing that when people are equipped with knowledge, they are able to make empowered choices, tap into their internal self-control and unearth their solutions to chronic stress.  As we began to educate participants about the biological, emotional, physical and mental impacts of stress and the difference between acute and chronic stress, folks shifted their views of stress from foe to friend. This knowledge and practice resulted in lowering medications, seeing themselves as competent and worthwhile, quitting smoking, experiencing weight loss, and improving relationships.  The evolution of the empowerment model…….

The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience (the relationship between sleep, exercise, nutrition, connection and mindfulness) is a product in which individuals learn to embrace and maximize the benefit of stress. Stress resilience trainings are engaging, interactive, educational and most of all, empowering.


The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience Team

Jeri W. Stevens, PhD, LCPC, owner of Chandler Bay Resources, is a psychotherapist and educator in the mental health field. For nearly 40 years, Jeri has helped people explore life options with a goal of enhancing their quality of life including personal and workplace relationships.  Whether working with individuals or groups, her focus is self-exploration and open communication specifically supporting collaboration.

Along with her private practice in mental health, Jeri is an assistant professor in the Counselor Education and Human Relations Department at Husson University, provides clinical supervision and ethics training, facilitates stress resilience training and coaching as well as organizational leadership consultation and training.

Jeri has a strong working relationship with 9 school districts where she provides clinical supervision to school counselors and social workers as well as provides stress resilience and leadership training. For 8 years Jeri contracted with MaineGeneral’s MeFirst program developing, and implementing a health and wellness program to thousands of State of Maine employees.  In this capacity, she served on the leadership team and provided ongoing leadership training to a staff of 50 people.

After the conclusion of this contract, Jeri co-developed and is implementing a series of stress resilience trainings.  These trainings are geared toward individuals and groups who which to explore health and wellness with a goal to enhance quality of life.

Jeri developed a Clinical Supervision Institute and ethics trainings for mental health professionals. Hundreds of clinicians have taken advantage of these trainings affording them professional advancements and certifications.

Jeri is professionally active and advocates strongly for the mental health profession. She has been twice president of Maine Mental Health Counselors Association and is the ethics chair of the American Mental Health Counselors Association.

Volunteering is important and Jeri is a Disaster Mental Health Red Cross Responder and often provides local parenting training and support.

Nancy Martin CWC is passionate about health and wellness and was chair of the State of Maine award winning School-site Wellness program in 2005.  She transitioned from being a physical education teacher to a wellness coach for State of Maine Employees in 2010.  Nancy has certifications from the American Council of Exercise in Lifestyle and Weight Management, Intuitive Eating, Heart Aerobics, Mind Body Connection and is registered Yoga instructor.  Nancy is passionate about helping folks strike a balance between life, work, physical activity, relationships and fun.  In her 30+ years of experience in the health field, she believes it is foundational to address stress when setting goals for behavior change.  Nancy has taught a statewide stress management program for state of Maine employees and is excited to bring the resilience perspective when addressing stress. Understanding the balance between teaching and allowing people become experts in their own wellness, Nancy brings her energetic and approachable style to Yoga classes, health coaching and facilitation of group trainings.
Carol Jollotta LCSW has been helping people find the balance in their lives for 20 years. She brings a holistic approach to her work focused on mindfulness and wellness. As a group facilitator and trainer she assists people in establishing and maintaining a more healthful lifestyle.

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