All four legislators have signed on to the two Medicare bills S.1830/HR2759. Click on each bill and you will be able to see who and from which states have joined forces.

It is really important that we all take a moment to thank them for their continued efforts and encourage each to bring along their congressional peers from other states.

Contacting Congress is easy.

To contact your Senators:

Angus King

Susan Collins

To contact your Representatives:

Chellie Pingree

Bruce Poliquin

Please contact them and give them a huge THANK YOU.

Why are these bills important?

Most insurance reimbursement policies are written using Medicare standards.  Medicare currently does not recognize mental health counselors as a class of providers. As Federally Qualified Health Centers, Integrated Health and Behavioral Health programs begin to grow, more and more mental health counselors are losing their jobs or not being invited to apply for jobs.  The largest hospitals and some mental health agencies in Maine no longer employ licensed mental health counselors (LCPCs) because program reimbursement follow Medicare standards.  Since Medicare does not allow for Licensed Mental Health Counselors, counselors in Maine and all over the country are being excluded from new and innovative health care programs that serve seniors and people with disabilities.

Without the inclusion of mental health counselors, senior and individuals with disabilities go underserved.  This is especially complex in rural areas. The argument against inclusion has been the perceived increase in cost of inclusion.  The problem is that this argument does not take into consideration the cost of over utilization of other inappropriate services such as premature nursing home admittance, ongoing doctor and emergency room visits, and other costs due to lack of proper mental health care.

What more can you do?

Now that all of Maine is accounted for, we need to help other states rally around this issue. If we asked our family and friends from “out of the state” to contact their legislators, we might pick up support. Send this letter to your family and friends. Ask them to encourage their legislators to sign on. Click here to get a current  Congressional list. They do not need a great deal of information.  If they would write the following, they have made a huge step forward for all consumers of Medicare.

Dear Senator or Representative,

Please support S.1830 if Senator or HR2759 if Representative. This bill is very

important for seniors and individuals with disabilities.


Your name

I am keeping track of contacts so feel free to either forward me or copy me on your correspondence

We are all this together.  LET’S MAKE THIS VIRAL……………..

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