I’ll Start Monday

Making promises to begin change at a later date is a common phenomenon. You’ve heard it and more than likely developed these agreement with yourself. “I’ll begin my diet on Monday,” “I start exercising next week.” “I will start working out 3 days a week for 45 minutes a day.” “I’ll never eat like this again.” “I will stop eating sugar.”  You know what I am talking about, right?

When we make these agreements with self, we are actually giving permission not to care or pay attention today. “Since I am starting Monday, I can overindulge now.”

Making delayed promises can be a set up for failure because in many cases, we really like what we are doing and don’t want to comply with the agreement. These promises can be extreme, more like a punishment.

When promises or agreements like these are made, often there will be no follow through, broken promises, which leads to guilt, encouraging overindulgence.  This vicious cycle results in more promises and searching for the quick fix. In extreme cases, it is easy to add insult to injury by engaging in negative self-talk. “I can’t believe I did or did not do…” “I am lazy and unmotivated.” This guilt has no value and only increases the probability of further lack of success.  UGH

What if you had the quick fix right in your hands?  No more big promises and ridiculous compromises. Well, you actually do. Imagine if instead you take a big breath and decide to make small deliberate changes starting NOW. What do you really want? By starting with a small step like walking for 10 minutes instead 45 or choosing one piece of cake instead of seconds, you will begin the change process. Ask yourself if you really need the seconds, or the large portion to be satiated.

Steps to be taken:

  • Stop
  • Take a big belly breath to produce oxytocin
  • Remind yourself about the immediate goal
  • Ask yourself “Do I really need this?”
  • Take action. If you decide to indulge, ENJOY IT

It is time to break the cycle and begin to live starting TODAY

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year

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