I have been in the counseling profession for 18 years and I have attended many trainings with well-regarded presenters.  It is with great pleasure that I attended The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience with Jeri, Carol, and Nancy.  It is by far the most educational, interesting, and life-affirming training that I have ever attended.  The presenters were well-informed, articulate, engaging, and highly attuned to their audience.  The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience is directly connected to wholehearted living and the meaningful practice of our craft.  It is not to be missed!

Heather L. Bass, LCPC

Bangor, Maine


I signed up for the Empowerment  Model for Stress Resilience training thinking I would be able to take information back to our agency and I have, but what I did not expect was to learn what I needed to put more effort into for myself.

I learned not only the importance of the connection & support for our clients but how I needed to work on building up more..connection and support for myself. 

During the training we reviewed and practiced mindfulness and meditation so we could experience the difference. 

We practiced exercise in the class, you should have seen us, doing push up on the floor and walls. We had lots of good laughs while we learned. We discussed how we can impact our own stress, yes, you can call up “good stress” when needed.. This training educates you in the importance of exercise,nutrition,sleep,mindfulness and support and stress resilience…

This was a a well instructed, interactive training. There was 3 facilitators that were very educated. What made it so enjoyable for me is that they appeared to really enjoy what they were doing and they were their genuine selves. 

I would recommend the whole series on Resilience Stress Training for any social service program employees, businesses that are wanting to incorporate wellness education or anyone else… 

Thank you Jeri, Carol and Nancy…Phyllis 


I’d like to offer these comments about my experience with the empowerment model of stress resilience. Please feel free to post them or share as you’d like:

“I attended the full three days of the empowerment model of stress resilience training and found there was something for everyone in the sessions.  The training addresses the biology, neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality of our common human nature. Jeri, Carol, and Nancy do an excellent job of presenting a lot of information in ways that are interesting and engaging. It was a great way to learn new information, tips, and tools to incorporate healthy practices into my daily life no matter how busy it may be!  It’s been a month since the course and I continue to build on the healthy practices that I learned about or was reminded of during the training.  I also enjoyed spending time with the other professionals who attended the workshops. For me it was a great way to renew my CEUs in a relaxed atmosphere as well as to recharge my personal and professional batteries.  I highly recommend this worthwhile training!”  Lori Tully, nationally certified vocational rehabilitation counselor (CRC), LCPC


I have applied what I’ve learned however and it has helped me! The very first night I slept eight hours! I have noticed that exercise, what and when I eat, and attention to activity prior to bedtime all are having a positive effect on the time I get  to bed and the  amount of sleep I get.   Deena W.


I have been exercising more after work (walking, cycling) which is helping to relieve stress built up during the day.  I am also working on getting more sleep which is a challenge in my busy household, but the others are starting to see how my mood is better when I can get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.  Finally, I have to admit that “mindful eating” is the biggest challenge as bad “shoveling” habits have built up over the years but at least now I’m aware of this and can work on slowing down.  I think that the “Empowerment Model” the perfect name, as so much of our lives are out of our control, but one thing that we can control is our own wellness, and that is empowering.

Thanks so much,

Cathie Soden

Parkman, ME


The typical workplace approach to employee stress is for the employer to create a stress management program. Chandler Bay Resources, Inc. has introduced a complimentary or alternative approach to the typical stress management program. This approached is called “The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience.” Their empowerment model consists of 6, 4 hour training modules. The modules include: Stress Resilience Overview, Mindfulness/Perception, Connection/Support, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep.

While each module is designed as a stand alone session, completing all six is the most powerful way to empower employee stress resilience. I have attended all six trainings and found each to be top notch.

William McPeck, MSW

Organization and Employee Wellbeing Consultant




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