The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience

The impact of chronic stress is a growing public health concern.


Current studies indicate that:

  • 60% – 90% of doctor visits are for stress related issues AND
  • when incorporating self-care in daily living, the utilization of medical services, health risks and out of pocket costs decrease

The Empowerment Model, a stress resilience program developed by Chandler Bay Resources, empowers individuals to take charge of personal health related decisions resulting in lower medical costs and better healthcare partnerships.

Through understanding the stress response, participants will recognize the difference between “healthy” verses “unhealthy” stress reactions and the negative health consequences resulting from chronic stress. With a focus on stress recovery this training explores of approaches that proactively address personal sleep habits, decreased sedentary time, reduction in physiological stress through dietary modifications, the role of giving and receiving support as tools for stress resilience and the development of mindful perception.

Dates of trainings: Training dates are ongoing and will be updated regularly

Fee: $ 95/pp

A certificate of attendance for 4 CE will be awarded for training sessions. This series is pre-approved by the State Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors.

Additional Stress Resilience delivery options:

Chandler Bay Resources will customize programs to meet your work needs to include but not limited to trainings and coaching at the worksite.

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