Connection /Support and Stress Resilience

The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience is a series of trainings designed to help individuals explore and embrace stress through better understanding of the relationship between sleep, exercise, nutrition, connection and mindfulness.  This session is dedicated to the study of connection and support in the stress response cycle.

Neuroscience has uncovered the incredible value of connection and support in relationship to well-being. This session will explore these benefits and its relationship to stress resilience. Participants will have the opportunity to create a plan of action to capitalize on the health benefits of personal connection and support.

This 4 hour training is designed to help professionals learn

  • the science behind connection/support and the stress response
  • about the benefits of being connected and getting support in stress resilience
  • how to make empowered changes in stress response
  • the relationship between connection/support and the other components of the Empowerment Model
  • about developing personal relationships
  • how to develop a plan for becoming more connected as it relates to stress resilience
  • how to use this information in your professional capacity


Individuals, groups and teams who:

  • Wish to take charge of their health and improve self-care
  • Guide others in becoming empowered and support improved well-being for their cliente
  • Aspire to be more engaged in relationships, work, physical and emotional well-being and
  • Support employees by providing opportunities for a healthy, productive, engaged workforce

The Empowerment Model will be offered in many locations and is the prerequisite to the advanced sessions for stress resilience.

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A certificate of attendance and 4 CE will be awarded and the series is preapproved by the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors

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