Sleep and Stress Resilience

Adults require 7 – 9 hrs of sleep.  The average adult gets 5.5 hrs.

Receiving sufficient sleep has a direct impact on becoming resilient. It is through sleep that the brain does its house cleaning, cleaning out the toxins and enhancing gray matter.

Want to be smarter, more energetic, lose weight, and be healthier?


This 4 hour training is designed to help professionals learn

  • the science behind a good night’s sleep
  • the relationship between sleep and stress resilience
  • how to make empowered changes in stress response
  • the relationship between sleep and the other components of the Empowerment Model
  • about individual sleep routines
  • how to develop a plan for improved sleep
  • how to use this information in your professional capacity


Individuals, groups and teams who:

  • Wish to take charge of their health and improve self-care
  • Guide others in becoming empowered and support improved well-being for their clientele
  • Aspire to be more engaged in relationships, work, physical and emotional well-being and
  • Support employees by providing opportunities for a healthy, productive, engaged workforce


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A certificate of attendance and 4 CE will be awarded.  This training is pre-approved by the Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors

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