Stress Resilience Overview

Chandler Bay Resources will provide an experiential stress resilience workshop at your workplace or at another site specified by you.

Stress, whether real or perceived, has detrimental effect on the body. In order for the body to relax and rebuild, it needs down time. Improving your quality of life will have major impact on family and work. By learning how to be stress resilient, health, productivity and relationships will improve.

If you answer yes to any of the following, a stress resilience training can be a powerful opportunity to improve your quality of life.

  • Is your team not playing well?
  • Are they attacking each other on the small stuff?
  • Do emotions override facts in meetings?
  • Are employees out of work for sickness more often than usual?
  • Do you hear you or your colleagues discuss the following issues?
  • Having trouble falling asleep…. And then wake up thinking about “STUFF”
  • Getting angry at the small stuff….
  • Emotions seem larger than typical…
  • Thoughts keep coming even though you try to shut them down…
  • Have trouble focusing on immediate task….
  • Have high blood pressure…
  • Overweight…
  • Exercising seems too hard…

A typical Stress Resilience training will include:

  • Informal Stress assessment
  • Overview of the impact of stress
  • Specific skills for stress resiliency
  • Practice and action plan for positive change

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The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience is a 6 session series devoted to guiding participants in becoming personally responsible for self care and quality of life. In discovering the balance between sleep, exercise, nutrition, connection/support and mindfulness/perception individuals can cut health costs, enhance relationships and learn to live a quality life.

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