• According to a 2014 Gallup Poll, 70% of American workers are disengaged in jobs

  • A Harvard Medical study identifies that 60 – 90% of healthcare issues are related to stress

Isn’t it time to become stress resilient?

Stress Resilience for Wellbeing is a training designed to help individuals explore and embrace stress through better understanding of the relationship between sleep, exercise, nutrition, connection and mindfulness and its impact on health, quality of life and overall sense of wellbeing. Utilizing evidence based information along with personal exploration, individuals will begin to develop an awareness of the impact of stress on their lives and identify tools for improving stress resilience.

This training includes:

  • The multi-dimensional impact of stress
  • How to effectively harness stress
  • Information regarding the interrelationship between the mind and body
  • The pivotal roles of stress resilience
  • How to employ the Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience


Individuals, groups and teams who:

  • Wish to take charge of their health and improve self-care
  • Guide others in becoming empowered and support improved well-being for their clientele
  • Aspire to be more engaged in relationships, work, physical and emotional well-being
  • Support employees by providing opportunities for a healthy, productive, and engaged workforce

Participants have described this training as “life altering”, “incredibly impactful,” “the best ever training,” and “a must for anyone choosing to be in charge of their own life.”




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