The Empowerment Model

a stress resilience product that is:

scientific and evidenced based

educational and practical

  empowering and individualized 

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Chandler Bay Resources, owned by Jeri Stevens PhD, LCPC,  is dedicated to providing quality education for professionals. We offer Ethics and Clinical Supervision training for mental health counselors as well as stress resilience, self care training and coaching for educators, corporations and individuals in the workplace.

In believing that individual and professional growth is ongoing, Chandler Bay Resources set out, in 1998, to become known as the go to professional education organization. After nearly 20 years we have developed and are unfolding a powerful stress resilience program for individuals, professionals and organizations.

With stress being the most influential contributor to illness, we have developed a model for guiding people toward resiliency rather than attempting to CONTROL or IGNORE. We invite you to explore the Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience, read what participants are saying about this training, and meet the team.

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Stress Resilience Trainings

Chandler Bay Resources has developed several stress resilience trainings for individuals, groups, teams, workplace and professionals. Contact us to schedule your training.

The Empowerment Model for Stress Resilience

Ethical Issues in Counseling Practice

Dual Relationships, Confidentiality, Development And Use Of Disclosure Statements, Informed Consent, Client Rights, Multicultural Counseling, Issues Of Supervision, Professional Competence, Ethical Decision Making and More.

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Ethical Issues in Clinical Supervision

Comparison of counselor ethics to clinical supervision ethics, How ethics might differ according to different supervision modalities, Being an effect counselor vs. being an effective supervisor, Understanding ethics of clinical supervision while working toward development of an appropriate supervision model and Understanding who the client is.

January 20, 2017

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