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Jeri W. Stevens, PhD, LCPC

Chandler Bay Resources, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality professional mental health training. We offer Ethics and Clinical Supervision workshops as well as professional training for mental health professionals, school counselors and educators.

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Ethical Issues in Counseling Practice

Dual Relationships, Confidentiality, Development And Use Of Disclosure Statements, Informed Consent, Client Rights, Multicultural Counseling, Issues Of Supervision, Professional Competence, Ethical Decision Making and More.

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Ethical Issues in Clinical Supervision

Comparison of counselor ethics to clinical supervision ethics, How ethics might differ according to different supervision modalities, Being an effect counselor vs. being an effective supervisor, Understanding ethics of clinical supervision while working toward development of an appropriate supervision model and Understanding who the client is.

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I have launched two Facebook groups and am seeking members. Both of these groups are closed which means you can only become a member by requesting or by invitation. If you are interested in joining either of these groups, click the link below and request membership.

Chandler Bay Resources Facebook

The first group is dedicated to mental health providers and those interested in following mental health ethics, supervision and legislation opportunities.

Embracing Stress Facebook

The second group is dedicated to issues of stress management to include but not limited to trainings, workshops and groups led by Chandler Bay Resources.

Stress Management

Chandler Bay Resources, Inc. will provide an experiential stress management workshop at your workplace or at another site specified by you.

Counselor Issues

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